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Houseless is NOT Homeless!!?!

I am John Doe Homeless
Welcome to Sonoma County's Freedom (we're above Federal Laws)
Progress..."Growth is good for the economy" (they say)???
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I am an activist, not by title or declaration, but by my activities during the last 20 years... I fit the definition in its entirety, completely, and exactly! I have been representing a segment of population that has accelerated in its growth, the increasing numbers of folks that work (or struggle trying), but now have had to resort to avoid the excessive cost of housing (rent) in order to live within their means. I’ve opposed the economical trend since 1990 that has now resulted in our current shameful homeless volume.

The 60’s taught us that a peaceable demonstration will work. Re-enforced (if you recall) when health care workers, schoolteachers, and fire dept. workers barnstormed the Calif. Governor's office and the prompt reversal he made. Do we need to continue increasing a compounding problem to assure a correction? We have become a political force that must be reckoned with? It should not necessitate becoming the majority in order to make a correction. It would be an advantage to differentiate that doing something about the homeless is not the same as doing something for the homeless!!?! Nationally there are now over 3 million homeless as of the beginning of 2006… so (from 10 years ago... where did the additional two and a half million come from, (who are/were they? Then consider how long it will take (with the current direction) for the next additional 2 million, and where will they come from)!!?!

* To compare on a local scale... the homeless population in S.F. went from 1,500 to over 15,000 during that same period. In Nov. 2006 estimate in Santa Rosa exceeded 2,200 population of homeless, with shelters in place having less than the previous 280 beds available in 1993 when the homeless population was under 150. That's progress !?

After the experiences of a lifetime, it occurred to me that the experiences of many others were mostly similar. The only variation or differences would be the cause, time, or location of the experiences one has had, or not yet had but about to have… that lead up to the accumulated affects.
Try to understand this sequence of events:
First… you struggle against the impossibility to feel financially secure in committing to payments of buying a house before prices get out of reach, trying to accumulate enough for a down-payment to acquire affordable payments. Next, if you are fortunate enough that job security doesn't disrupt things, or personal problems, family illness, financial stress, etc. to run interference... the rent increases always with awkward timing to set all your plans back. Can you relate to this so far...... (and this is a good case scenario). Then you try downsizing expenses or relocating (which often adds to negative results), no longer trying to get ahead, but just trying to stay "afloat"! With these measures being mostly a temporary fix, many folks, now millions, have resorted to retreating to cars etc., (temporarily of course), and/or using a mini-storage. Of course, mini-storage is merely the first step in losing your stuff.... (of course then you have less stuff to worry about)... and that's the upside! But THEN IT GETS WORSE!

While I've been raising public awareness to the resulting economic trends, some people (and those of you...know who you are.....) have been kicking homeless folks to the curb!! It’s ironic when some have become homeless themselves, (I see them when they show up) . The one thing we have in common is being ignored (which is the first ignorant step of those who look the other way - as if - if it’s not seen it doesn’t exist), and somehow we’re less than important (until we get in someone's way). Not all of us are drug addict, alcoholic, or otherwise mentally handicapped. Some of us are used to working for a living (like those who still live in a building, that they call a home) and despite the difficulties most people should never have to deal with. Still while living on the streets & in bushes, or even in vehicles &/or RVs, still persist in bettering ourselves from whatever level we’re at.

My viewpoints are posted with current updated info at: . I am looking for feedback, referrals, can offer help as well as use some help myself to advocate this common cause. Sooo... help me - help you!?

Where you are I was...
Where I am you shall be.

I am John Doe Homeless

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A Reality Check - Homelessness in the U.$.$.A.

I've Had it! and I'm NOT going to TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!
Big Brother is NOT JUST Watching YOU!!!
Watch Dogs watching the Watch Dogs!
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You think you have a problem.
I have a problem with our elected representatives who make decisions affecting everyone’s life and well being, having the stupidity (especially the arrogance), while the economically challenged strive to live within their means and attempt to better their situation under the extreme hardships already existing…to think a solution would be make it a crime to live within your means andviolate Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights. The same mentality is firing a shotgun into a crowd to make sure they hit the target!!?! Not only did they restore vagrancy laws that were abolished, the police have been ambitious using Gestapo type tactics (enforcing a created crime).

In April, 2006, the 9th District Federal Court has ruled making a crime to be homeless violates the 8th amendment, something I have been advocating since these “new” laws were recently created. However, Sonoma County, and a few other areas in California arrogantly continue to violate civil rights putting themselves above the federal law!
I’m seeking assistance to pursue a lawsuit for civil rights violations on behalf of all the John & Jane Doe Homelesses who have been charged illegally with the crime and who have had to pay with frustration, stress let alone finances. A little legal experience can be of great help here. Any finances recovered can help provide assistance to needy programs, but primarily the powers-to-be need a reason to be discourage from ever being so stupid again with any brash tactics in the future!! Who do you think will protect your rights from "Homeleand Security"!? The only effective way to give them a reason to check themselves is remind them of consequences… call it a stupidity charge! Either EXERCISE your Rights or they will be... EXORCISED!!!

I am John Doe Homeless


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